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Lace Up is a Must!

Shoes matter.

I’ve been known as a “Sneaker Head” for a year now. It all started when I was in Toronto. I started buying and collecting sneakers because it is the best investment when it comes to weather changes. You can wear them all year round. But now that I’m home, I am able to wear any kind of shoes as it always feel like summer here.

One of the shoes that made me crazy these past months are the lace ups. Let me show you my favorite.

I got this pair of flat lace up on a local store in Vigan. The brand is MY and proudly made in the Philippines.

Lace up shoes look stunning when worn but before achieving that you have to patiently do the lacing up.

Here’s my OOTD with it:

1. Streetstyle

A classy looking lace up is protean. Who would expect that they can rock the streets as well?

2. Casual

On a sunny day errand, I like to wear this pair with the laces down just like its a usual flat shoes.

3. Chic

Obviously, it’s a girl detail. It’s so perfect with my basic tee and white cullotes.

Which among my #OOTD is your favorite? Don’t forget to comment below.



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