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Puerto Galera 2016

The smell of the salty air makes me euphoric; the sound of the waves is so addictive; I’ve always been hallucinating that I’m on the beach. Blame it on the astonishing  nature.

The 4th of November, I’ turned 23. I planned a “me time” celebration; me going anywhere I like, eating whatever I am craving. It may sound like I’m having a selfish celebration but let me just catch up on my friends soon.

* Batangas Port

With the help of DLC Travel & Tours, I was able to go at White Beach, Puerto Galera without any hassle. They booked our (together with my travel buddy) water tranportation and land transfer and also our hotel for only P2000.

No need to worry about the adventures, as soon as you get on the seaside, there will be friendly tourist persons approaching and letting you choose what kind of activities you want.

Water Sports:

• Banana Boat Riding

• Jetski

• Parasailing

• Scuba Diving

Island Activities:

• Island Hopping

Renting a big boat will cost you P1,500. If you are with your friends, you’ll save more. And it’ll bring you to beautiful islands: Bayanan, Haligi, Sandbar (Additional fees apply).

I was really amazed how clear the water is. You can see what’s beneath. 

There are other fun and exciting waterventures that you’ll only need to add P200 each: Underwater Cave, Giant Clam, Coral Garden, etc.

• Underwater Cave (P200)

* Top of Underwater Cave

• Giant Clam (P200)

• Coral Garden (P200)

Fish Feeding & Snorkling

Land Activities:

• Tamaraw Falls

•Tuluran Falls

• Carabao Cart Riding

• Mangyan Village

• Ponderosa Country Club

• Zipline

My birthday getaway is only 2 days and one night. I wasn’t able to experience everything. I’ll be back for sure. So here’s my quick white beach life.

Reminder: Life is short, travel as often as you can. Experience God through nature, His masterpiece.


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