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Weekly Outfit Favorites

In the middle of my busy life as an OR nurse and a business woman, I keep in mind to wear clothes like “dress-to-kill” once in a while rather than having “wash-day” kind in a row. For me, clothes are very important. First impressions are initially based on how you look, what you wear, and the like. However, I don’t dress for other people. I wear according to mu preferences, to my style regardless of the eyes of the crowd.

Here’s my favorite outfits for this week:


Can’t get more comfy with my Adidas Jacket. I am actually wearing it in size XXL Youth, an advantage when you’re short. Anyway, I am wearing a croptop and paired it with my skirt from Sirens. I finished the look with a pair of Adidas Tubular.


Hey! I wear prints and vibrant colors at times. I just love this dress most particularly the fringe details at the bottom which sways and dances with me every move I make. I have a leather jacket with me and I have my favorite boots on.


I admit, I am more of a cozy-goer rather than chic-bae. Though, it doesn’t necessarily means I don’t like that chic style at all. I want to feel my feminity through being chic. I like this top because it brings out my girly side. It looks perfect with my highwaist shorts which made me look a lot taller than I am in person. Thanks also to my nude Martinal heels from Tutum Shop for adding some of my height and creating a chic finish.


On a casual times, I mostly wear plain tees and denims. Minimalism it is. It brings out the beauty without putting so much effort. Just what I needed!

So, those are my weekly outfit favorites. I got it in my channel, make sure to watch and hit thumbs up if you like it. Click here for my Weekly Outfit Favorites video.

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