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How to Achieve that Instagram Girls Makeup

Instagram has a lot of #SlayerGirls to #MakeupGoals users. They look so perfect. From eyebrow to everything, they’re all on point.
Here’s my try…

I used a Maybelline Pore+Matte Fit Me! Foundation in 112 & Powder in 110 to cover my visible pores. I’ve been using this pair for a year now because they’re perfect for my combination-type of skin.

Eyebrow goals are everywhere, yet I’m still in the process of learning how to flawlessly have my brows on fleek. I am using a LA Girl Cosmetics Endless brow pencil in Light Brown (GP311). And to cover the flaws and excess, I got my Holika Holika Concealer stick in light. It’s as easy as drawing curves on a paper.

For my eyes, I used the FS cosmetics eye shadow im ash bronze amd Nichido liquid eyeliner  pen to achieve that arc. InstaGirls have an attractive lashes. I tried my best to make mine look long with the help of my curler and mascara from Estee Lauder (MagnaScopic).

Highlights and contour are their main secret. So, I did mine with LA Girl Cosmetics Highlight Stick and I used my FS eyeshadow to contour.

Here’s a clearer view using Fuji XA-2.

I was sweating in here yet everything is still pretty going well. That’s what I love about fit me, it still look matte after all.

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