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Hola 2017

Here comes another year to savour! For sure new amazing and unbelievable blessings are on my way and I am ready to grab ’em all!

Every start of the year, I make sure that I’ll make a change in all aspects of my life. I begin it with “Acceptance and Letting Go.” There are things that aren’t meant to stay forever, no matter how hard it takes we need to accept and let go.

On the first week of my 2017, I cut my hair together with my pessimism. I must admit that it wasn’t easy. I spent hours and hours in front of the mirror reflecting and thinking about cutting my hair or not. I’ve received compliments about my hair from my friends to strangers. I am so obsessed with how it is honestly. Days have passed and finally I have decided to let my long and green hair go.

Here was my dear hair then.


It was surprising that I didn’t have regrets for the first 48 hours of my newly chopped hair. I never thought I’d love a short hair.

I’d like to thank Matrix Biolage for heping me maintain my hair’s strength. I was more confident with hair bleaching and dye application.

SRP: P 1,800/set Shampoo & Conditioner | 400 ml

Check at Lazada

Yes to more changes!




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