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Luljetta’s Place: Hanging Garden & Spa

Nature calms our souls. An experience with everything green and fresh recharge our body holistically. Just how I am enliven by my latest out of town at Antipolo, Luljetta’s Hanging Garden & Spa which is located inside Loreland Farm Resort. Luljetta’s place offers a unique way of relaxation through enjoying the scenic view while reflecting… Continue reading Luljetta’s Place: Hanging Garden & Spa

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Packing 101 (3-day Getaway)

Traveling is pleasurable. If you have the chance, be a wanderlust! Go from one place to another. Take a break from the real world.  Traveling sounds really fun not knowing that before all the warm fuzzies, you have to undergo the packing-fuss. Deciding what to pack is the hardest thing for a traveler. You have… Continue reading Packing 101 (3-day Getaway)

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The Nest – Dining in the Sky

Forever may not seem to exist, but I do believe in “Lifetime.” 26th of August reminds me & my love how our lifetime started. Same day five years ago, I accepted a man to invade my hypothalamus, my aorta, actually my whole system. In celebration for our 5th Anniversary, we shared an early dinner at… Continue reading The Nest – Dining in the Sky